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From the Head of School

Laura Caron
Brown University, B.A.
Harvard University, Ed.M.

Greetings from One Brookwood Road where we are celebrating our 60th Anniversary year.

In 1956, Brookwood School was founded by a dynamic group of community leaders and educators seeking to build an exceptional school, and their spirit lives on today. Among our students we see the drive, perseverance, and dedication that motivated that inspired group 60 years ago.

Brookwood is a school that values effort and expertise – our faculty works hard and is committed to creating quality experiences for our students. We try new things and learn from them. We are guided by important questions, like “What is good teaching?” and “How will I know that my students are learning?”

I learned many things about our wonderful school during my first year on campus: we are a community where children feel known, challenged and nurtured. We are playful, we are serious, we are kind, and above all, we love children.  As written in our guiding philosophy, The New Face of Rigor, we believe that “how kids feel determines in large measure whether kids learn.” We also believe that “instead of simply finding answers, students need to learn to make good decisions. And to make these decisions, they need to know themselves well and to understand the principles they seek to advance.” At Brookwood, these perspectives underscore every interaction we have to ensure that students are connected, reflective contributors.
During the 2016-2017 school year, I am encouraging both children and adults to embrace the idea of beginner’s mind, when we see things with greater texture and clarity and without preconception because we see things anew.  We are asking ourselves, “Why do we do it this way?” and “How do we feel this is working?” to reflect on our practices and create the most dynamic learning environment possible.

Because Brookwood is a strong and thriving school, we are well positioned to continue deepening our strengths while exploring new opportunities for growth on campus and in the community. We are beginning to articulate our vision for Brookwood’s next chapter that will culminate in a new strategic plan in Fall 2017 to further strengthen Brookwood's position as a leader among independent schools.

I am honored to be a part of this exciting 60th Anniversary year.

Laura Caron
Head of School