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Brookwood's Commitment to Cultural Competence

Brookwood recognizes the importance of developing a student body competent to negotiate a world that is made up of peoples of different races, cultures, backgrounds, belief systems and orientations. Towards this end, the Board Committee on Cultural Competence drafted a list of beliefs relating to cultural competence that have been long supported by the school but had not yet been expressly articulated. This list was unanimously endorsed by the Board and was received with overwhelming enthusiasm by our faculty. We hope this list will serve to clarify for both current and prospective parents our commitment to cultivating cultural competence.

We believe:

  • Students’ membership in their immediate communities, as well as their competence and confidence as global citizens, will be significantly enhanced by virtue of a global consciousness and a broad cultural awareness.
  • Students will be better prepared to solve problems, simple and grand, when their empathetic imaginations have been enlarged by exposure to and consideration of the culturally and ecologically rich world that surrounds and contains them.
  • In the importance of a school culture that values inquiry and inspires students to consider multiple perspectives to push past what otherwise gets taken at face value.
  • Encounters with diversity and appreciation for differences within the Brookwood classroom, faculty and curriculum are essential to the development of cultural competence.
  • Our students’ experience with differences will develop an enhanced self-awareness, and a fuller understanding and respect for those who practice, believe and live differently.
  • Our experiences with diversity can sometimes pose challenges, but with a spirit of exploration and respect, these experiences will cultivate a sense of global citizenship and a greater appreciation for the common humanity that binds us.
  • The development of cultural competence is essential for success in a global environment and in our mission “to graduate academically accomplished students of conscience, character, compassion, and cultural competence.”

    Since 2011, Brookwood has been engaged in an expanding number of national and international partnerships designed to broaden students' cultural awareness, build cultural competencies and allow them to use new technologies to connect with people around the world.