Financial Aid FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid

Will my child’s admission be affected if we apply for financial aid?
The Admissions Committee meets to review all completed applications to determine which students are qualified for our program. The Financial Aid Committee then meets to determine which candidates the school is able to offer to financial aid to.  Each year, we have more families who qualify for need-based aid than can be funded. In the case that a student is admissable but the school cannot provide funding, the student will be placed on a financial aid waitlist.

What determines whether or not a student qualifies for financial aid?
All financial aid grants are based on demonstrated financial need. Each request for aid is assessed individually; Brookwood uses School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS) to process financial data. The need assessment is based on family income and certain expenses, assets and liabilities, family size, parents’ age and the number of children attending tuition charging schools. Each year families qualify for more financial aid than is available. Those families who do not receive aid will be placed on the financial aid wait list according to the family’s request.

After receiving a financial aid grant, do we need to reapply each year?
Yes, because family finances can change, families must apply for financial aid each year. Unless there is a significant change in a family’s financial situation, the Financial Aid Committee strives to award a level similar to the previous year’s grant.

Does Brookwood offer merit scholarships? 
All Brookwood students are admitted on merit. There are no financial rewards for merit.

Do financial aid grants cover the full cost of tuition?
No. The Financial Aid Committee makes the grant decisions for each family based on need. There are no students at Brookwood who receive a “full ride”; each family contributes financially according to their ability to do so.

How do I apply for financial aid if I’m separated or divorced? 
Both custodial and non-custodial parents are required to contribute to the cost of a Brookwood education based on demonstrated ability. The non-custodial parent must also complete all aspects of the financial aid application process including submitting SSS forms and federal tax returns.

Who can I talk to about affording a Brookwood education?
All admissions families are welcome to call Director of Admissions Lindsay Murphy to discuss the various ways of affording a Brookwood education.