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Richard Ross 2000

Richard Ross ’00 found his passion for juggling while he was a student at Brookwood.  When I met with him this summer at his ice cream shop, KISS on the Neck in Gloucester, Richard told me how he and his friend, Whitney Ellis '00, began juggling first with hacky sacks, and then, they progressed to using balls, knives, and even flames!  During his time at Brookwood, Richard had fun demonstrating his skills to the School Meeting crowd.  Fittingly for an Eckles Cup recipient, Richard has gone on to make very important use of his particular talent.  Thirteen years after graduating from Brookwood, Richard now runs marathons while juggling, otherwise known as “joggling” as a way to raise money for another of his passions—helping to improve the lives of young, impoverished boys in Senegal, the Talibes.

We welcomed Richard back to campus in the fall of 2013 to share his experiences as a volunteer in the Peace Corps in Senegal.  He helped raise our community’s awareness about the struggles many children face in this West African nation, as well as the positive impact an individual can have in the world through hard work, dedication and passion.

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