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Cultures Goals

Social Studies Curriculum Goals:

In general, the Social Studies Department seeks to have 4th grade Brookwood students: 

  • Define and explore the concept of culture by investigating diverse forms of government, ancient and modern world civilizations, geography, and religion
  • Develop a sense of self and appreciate how one fits into various communities
  • Seek evidence, appreciate perspective and bias, understand cause and effect, and search for connections
  • Organize information through research, note taking, and declarative writing 
  • Students will work on developing a working understanding of ancient civilizations across various contents. 
  • Students will perform Greek plays, build Mesopotamiam bricks, design topographic maps of the Nile River, and experience other activities that bring ancient cultures to life. 
  • Students will embark on the research process, including taking notes from a wide variety of sources, discerning pertinent versus nonessential information, presenting information through formal written pieces and performed pieces, and appreciating bias and perspective.