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Note: Items listed in BOLD have been updated for the 2015 - 2016 school year.


Basic Course Information:

Algebra One Course Description 
Get the Math:  How algebra is used in the real world
Math Problem Set Guidelines  (Setting up the paper, etc.)
Problem Set Scoring Rubric 

Course Content:

Topic 1: Real Numbers, Properties, and Basic Operations

Topic 2: Equality

Topic 3: Inequality

Topic 4: Ratios, Rates, Proportions, and Percents

Topic 5: Functions 

Topic 6: Linear Equations

Topic 7: Exponents and Scientific Notation (Ch. 8) 

Topic 8: Polynomial Operations (Ch. 9) 

Topic 9:  Polynomial Factoring (Ch. 9, continued)

Topic 10:  Rational Expressions (Ch. 12)

Topic 11: Quadratic Equations and Functions (Ch. 10)

Topic 12: Systems of Equations (Ch. 7)

Topic 13:  Advanced Algebra 1 topics (Chapter i)


Final Exam Information (current for 2014 - 2015 school year)


Web Tools

Graph Paper for Downloading and Printing
Desmos Graphing Calculator   


Study Aids

Article: 8 Tips for Studying Smarter
Do you get anxious about math tests? Read this article.

Textbook Website



For Review

Review of 6th Grade Math, written by the class of 2015 
Khan Academy: Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra review videos 
Coolmath:  Kid-friendly explanations, practice, and a math dictionary
Ask Dr. Math: Frequently-asked math questions from students
Games and practice web sites
Mathematics Dictionary  


For Extension: Challenges and Contest Problems

AMC 8 Sample Contest: 2010 Email me when you are ready for the solutions!
Art of Problem Solving web site
Math League Sample Contests
Doodling in Math:
 recreational videos by Vi Hart