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Topic 2: Equality


Goals and Problem Sets Handout

Goal 1:  Use equations to solve real-world problems:
1)  define useful variables
2)  write an equation that matches the situation
3)  solve, and
4)  answer the question (all lessons) 

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
 Video: Word Problem Advice (18 min)  Additional handouts available
 Word problems that are assigned in all lessons (no separate problem set) Textbook pp. 103 - 107
"Word Problems of the Day" from class Extension: "Marathon Mitch" problem and "A Phone-y Deal?"


Goal 2:  Solve equations using a variety of techniques to isolate the variable (2-2, 2-3, 2-4) 
Things to keep in mind are:
     ·       Only do steps that keep the two sides equal!
     ·       Simplify each side before solving, when helpful: combine like terms that are on the SAME side,
               use the Distributive Property, etc.
     ·       Use inverse operations on BOTH sides to undo steps in the equation
     ·       Undo the operations using the Order of Operations backwards (“SADMEG”)

Goal 3:  Check a solution by substituting into the original equation (2-2, 2-3, 2-4)
Goal 4:  Correctly interpret whether an equation has one solution, no solution, or is an identity (all real numbers are solutions)  (2-4)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources

Video: Solve and Check Equations (21 min)

 Textbook pp. 74 - 98

"Introduction to Equations" guided notes sheet

"Equations practice" handout (after 2-4)

 Problem Sets  2-2 and 2-3 (both short: do as one problem set) Balance Beam Game (be patient--may load slowly)
 Video:  One Solution, No Solution, or Identity? (13 min) Algebra battleship: two-step equations game
Problem Set 2-4 Combining Like Terms and Solving: online practice
(You can use this like a fuiz with instant feedback!)
  Video problem set help: 2-4 #35
  Extension: "Undoing Operations" Geometer's Sketchpad activity
  Extension:  "Solving Linear Equations by Undoing" GSP activity
  Extension: "Be a MatheMagician" packet


 Goal 5: Solve equations that have more than one variable; i.e., give the solution in terms of other variables (2-6)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video:  Solving with More Than One Variable (12 min)  Textbook pp. 111 - 113
 In-class practice problems  Handout: "2-6 Practice: Formulas with a variable in the denominator"
Problem Set:  2-6  Video problem set help: 2-6 #18 and 35


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set: Chapter Test Assignment

 Optional tasks/resources