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Topic 3: Inequality


NOTE:  Topics 2 and 3 will be tested TOGETHER at the end of Topic 3. 

Goals and Problem Sets Handout (You already got this handout at the start of Topic 2.)

Goal 1:   Use inequalities to solve real-world problems:
1) define useful variables,
2) write an inequality that matches the situation,
3) solve, and
4) answer the question (all lessons)

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
 Word problems that are assigned in all lessons Re-watch "Word Problem Advice" video from Topic 2
  Additional handouts available
  Textbook pp. 103 - 107


Goal 2:  Define inequalities and their solutions (3-1)
Goal 3:  Use number line graphs to represent inequalities and their solutions (3-1)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: "Inequality: The Basics" (18 min) Help Sheet: Greater Than vs. Less Than
 Problem Set: 3-1 "Inequalities: The Basics" handout
  Textbook pp. 134 - 136


Goal 4: Solve inequalities (3-2 through 3-4)
Goal 5: Check solutions of inequalities by checking the boundary value itself, and then checking the sense of inequality by using another value (3-2)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: "Solve and Check Inequalities" (16 min + 5 problems) "Inequalities: the Basics" handout
 Problem Sets:  3-2, 3-3, and 3-4   Textbook pp. 140 - 155


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set: Chapter Test Assignment

Recommended: Go back to the Chapter Test Assignment for Chapter 2 as you are preparing for the test.  Remember that Topics 2 and 3 will be tested together.  

 Optional tasks/resources