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Topic 4: Ratios, Rates, Proportions, and Percents


Goals and Problem Sets Handout


Goal 1:  Use the following terms correctly: ratio, rate, proportion, cross product, percent
Goal 2:  Estimate to determine whether answers are reasonable; if not, revise

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: Ratio, Rate, and Proportion Vocabulary (15 min) Ratio review and practice
Practice these skills as you do all problems throughout the chapter.  Practice vocabulary in all your work and conversations during class. Ratio Blaster game (practice finding equivalent ratios)
  Basic Rate Problems Practice and Rate Problems 2 (Khan Academy)
  GSP activity: Rates and Ratios (The Pasta Machine)


Goal 3: Set up, analyze, and solve  ratios, rates, and proportions (4-1)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: Solving and Checking Proportions (17 min) pp. 182 - 185
 Problem Set: 4-1 Part 1 GSP activity: Ratio and Proportion (visualize and review)
  GSP activity: The Golden Rectangle and Ratio (Extension - requires Sketchpad tutorial first)
  Proportion Battleship practice game


Goal 4: Memorize conversion factors for commonly-used units (listed in handout)  

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
Conversion Factors handout Measurement Man diagram


Goal 5:  Determine unit rates and unit price.  Use to compare costs. (4-1)
Goal 6:  Convert measurements (4-1)
Ex: Convert a rate from miles per hour to feet per second

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: Unit Price, Unit Conversions (25 min)  pp. 182 - 185
 Problem Set: 4-1 Part 2  Unit Price Explanation and Unit Price Game
 IXL Unit Price Practice or Unit Price Practice Handout Unit Price Online Practice


Goal 7: Identify corresponding parts of similar figures (4-2)

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
"Proportions in Similar Triangles" Geometer's Sketchpad activity Similar Figures Hands-On Exploration


Goal 8:  Set up, analyze, and use proportional relationships in similar figures, including maps and scale drawings (4-2)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Video: Similar Figures (21 min) pp. 189 - 191
Problem Set: 4-2 GSP activity: Fractals and Ratios (Extension)
Similar Figures Problem Set Handout  


Goal 9:  Solve problems involving percents and interpret your answer (4-3)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Two-part video: Percents (16 min) and Percents Continued (13 min, maybe less) pp. 197 - 200                                                             
Problem Set: 4-3  


Goal 10:  Solve problems involving percent of change and interpret your answer (4-4)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
 Video: Percent of Change (17 min)  pp. 204 - 206
 In-class activity: Truth In Advertising?  Percent Increase and Decrease: online tutorial and practice
 Problem Set: 4-4  Jeopardy practice: Discounts, Taxes, Tips, and Interest


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set 1: Chapter Review 

Problem Set 2: Chapter Test Assignment 

 Optional tasks/resources