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Topic 6: Linear Equations



Goals and Problem Sets Handout

Linear Equations “Big Picture” Goals: 

  • Determine whether a table, equation, or graph shows a linear relationship
  • Given a word problem context: define variables, write a linear equation, graph the situation, and use the graph to answer questions about the situation
  • Interpret the meaning of the slope (or rate of change) on a graph that comes from a word problem context
  • Interpret the meaning of any point, including the x- or y-intercept, on a graph that comes from a word problem context
Required tasks/resources
Keep these goals in mind in all that you do throughout this chapter.  Work towards being able to answer any of these questions with respect to any linear relationship you work with. 
Raising Money problem
GORP problem
“Chapter 6 Application Problems” handout
Word problems throughout the Chapter 6 problem sets
Additional handouts as needed


Linear Equations Skills:

Goal 1:  Explain what a linear equation is, and explain what slope is (6-1, whole chapter)

Goal 2: Understand slope as the rate of change between two variables (6-1, whole chapter)

Goal 3:  Find slope from a table, two points, a graph, or an equation  (6-1, 6-2)

Goal 4:  Use slope-intercept form to determine the slope, y-intercept, and graph of a line (6-2)

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
Read and take notes on Lesson 6-1 (pp. 282 - 286)
Geometer's Sketchpad Slope Games "Reteaching 6-1" handout
Problem Set 6-1  Slope Hangman Game
Raising Money problem  
In-class activity: Slope-Intercept Form Textbook pp. 291 - 293
Problem Set 6-2  "Equations of Attack" game


Goal 5:  Explain what x- and y-intercepts are (6-3)
Goal 6:  Find the x-intercept and y-intercept of a line given a graph or an equation (6-3)
Goal 7:  Graph horizontal and vertical lines; identify the slope, intercept, and equation for these lines (6-1 and 6-3)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
"Intercepts, Horizontal and Vertical Lines, Standard Form" guided notes sheet with Textbook pp. 298- 299 Vertical Line website
Problem Set 6-3 Part 1: Intercepts Coolmath Horizontal and Vertical Lines review
Horizontal and Vertical Lines handout (optional in DGI) Horizontal and Vertical Lines Practice website


Goal 8:   Recognize slope-intercept form (6-2, done previously), standard form (6-3), and point-slope form (6-4); write a linear equation in any of these forms
Goal 9:  Write an equation for a line given its slope and at least one point on the line (6-4)
Goal 10:  Write an equation for a line given at least two points on the line (6-4)

Required tasks/resources: Standard Form Optional tasks/resources:  Standard Form
GORP problem  Textbook pp. 298 - 300 (Standard Form)
"The Standard Form of a Line" GSP activity (optional in ABC and EFH)  Algebra Lab Standard Form Review and Practice
Problem Set 6-3 Part 2: Standard Form  
Required tasks/resources: Point-Slope Form Optional tasks/resources: Point-Slope Form
"The Point-Slope Form of a Line" GSP activity (optional in ABC and EFH) Textbook pp. 304 - 307 (Point-Slope Form)
Video: Point-Slope Form (11 min)  
Video:  Point-slope and Standard Form (Khan Academy, 8 min)  
Problem Set 6-4  


Goal 11:  Find slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines (6-5)
Goal 12:  Write an equation for a line given information about a parallel or perpendicular line (6-5)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Parallel and Perpendicular Line activity  Textbook pp. 311 - 313
Problem Set 6-5  


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set: Chapter Test Assignment

 Optional tasks/resources