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Topic 7: Exponents and Scientific Notation (Ch. 8)


Goals and Problem Sets Handout

Goal 1:  Know the definition of zero and negative exponents; use them to simplify expressions (8-1)

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
Video: Negative Exponent Examples (15 min)  Khan Academy practice: Negative exponents
Video: Negative Exponent Intuition (5 min)  Textbook pp. 394 - 396
 Problem set: 8-1  


Goal 2:  Write numbers in scientific notation; convert back to standard form (8-2)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Read textbook pp. 400 - 402 and do all the "Check Understanding" problems as you take notes. 

YouTube Video: Powers of Ten (Link may not work at school)

 Problem Set: 8-2 King Kong Scientific Notation Game (cheesy, but it's still good practice!)


Goal 3:  Multiply monomials (8-3 and 8-4)
Goal 4:  Raise monomials to a power (8-4)
Goal 5:  Divide monomials (8-5)
Goal 6:  Recognize when exponent properties do NOT apply
Goal 7: Use exponent properties to do calculations with numbers in scientific notation (8-3, 8-4, and 8-5; review packet)
Goal 8: Solve word problems using scientific notation and exponent properties (8-3, 8-4, and 8-5; review packet)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Notes packet from class  Textbook pp. 405 - 407, 411 - 413, and 417 - 419
Problem Set: 8-3  
Problem Set: 8-4  
Problem Set: 8-5  


Optional Extension: Fractional Exponents

Fractional Exponents web tutorial with online quiz
Item VIII on "Review Sheet: Exponents" handout
Exponent-Related Contest Problems


Optional Extension: Exponential Functions
Goal: Graph and interpret exponential functions (8-7, 8-8)
Goal: Distinguish linear from exponential relationships (online)

Toppling a Skyscraper problem
Video: Exponential Growth Functions (7 min)
Text pp. 430 - 432
Problem Set 8-7
 Text pp. 437 - 439
Problem Set 8-8
Video: Understanding Linear and Exponential Models (3 min)
Online Practice: Understanding Linear and Exponential Models


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set: Chapter Test Assignment

Optional tasks/resources