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Topic 8: Polynomial Operations (Ch. 9, beginning)


Goals and Problem Sets Handout, Sections ABC and EFH
Goals and Problem Sets Handout, Section DGI

Goal 1:  Know and use polynomial vocabulary
Goal 2:  Add and subtract polynomials

Required tasks/resources Optional tasks/resources
Video: Polynomial Vocabulary (15 min) Textbook pp. 456 - 458 and look up the definitions of "coefficient" and "additive inverse"

Video: Add and Subtract Polynomials (15 min. Subtraction begins around 8:28)

Algebra Battleship Game: Adding and Subtracting Polynomials
Problem set: 9-1  
In-class activity: "Introduction to Polynomials: Vocabulary and Models"  
GSP activity: "Algebra Tiles" (DGI only)  


Goal 3a:  Multiply Monomials (8-3 and 8-4)
Goal 3b:  Raise Monomials to a Power (8-4)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
Handout for notes on video: Exponent Properties (19 min)  Textbook pp. 405 - 407 and  411 - 413
Problem Set 8-3  
Problem Set 8-4  


Goal 3: Use the Distributive Property with monomials and polynomials: for BOTH multiplying and factoring 

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
"Multiplying and Factoring a Monomial and a Polynomial" handout   Videos: Factoring Expressions Using the GCF  and Factoring and the Distributive Property 2 (Khan Academy)
 Problem Set: 9 - 2   Textbook pp. 462 - 463


Goal 4:  Multiply polynomials with any number of terms

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
GSP activity: The Product of Two Binomials  Video: Multiplying Polynomials
Problem Set: 9 - 3  Textbook pp. 467 - 469


Goal 5:  Use patterns to multiply perfect square polynomials
Goal 6:  Use patterns to multiply the difference of squares
Goal 7:  Memorize the perfect square and difference of squares patterns (see printed Goals and Assignments sheet)

Required tasks/resources  Optional tasks/resources
GSP activity: Squaring Binomials  Textbook pp. 474 - 477
 Video: Patterns in Polynomial Multiplication (21 min)  
 Problem Set: 9 - 4  


Topic Summary

 Required tasks/resources

Problem Set: Chapter Review assignment (NOT the Chapter Test this time)

 Optional tasks/resources


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