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Math games for geometry, arithmetic, fractions, and logic. Includes “Number Eaters” fact practice that many kids love. Grades 2 – 8.
Practice multiplication combinations, area and perimeter, fraction sense, and basic algebra. Play against the computer or an online opponent. (Former fourth graders will recognize “Times Square” as the Multiplication Four-in-a-Row. “Ker-Splash” is great for exploring variables and addition with negative amounts.)
Games, puzzles, and practice! A variety of topics from making change to algebraic equations, measuring angles, and logic problems. Grades 3 – 8.
Many excellent games and activities. Topics include arithmetic, fractions, algebra, geometry, graphing, and enrichment material. “Arithmetic Four” and “Order of Operations Four” can be set to include negative numbers. Grades 3 – 8.
Number puzzles that reinforce whole number calculations. Grades 2 – 8.
Click a grade span and topic for a wide variety of activities. The fraction activities are especially good. All grades.
Fraction help and games. Grades 4 – 8.
A variety of games for basic facts and computation skill practice. Grades 2 – 5.
From TERC, the developers of our K – 5 math program, advice on sound strategies for helping your child deepen his/her understanding of math. (The entire “for families” area of this web site is worth exploring further!) For parents.
Online games selected by TERC. Grades K – 5.
Math activities for everyday situations around the house. Grades K – 5.
Math challenges for parents and children to puzzle out together. Grades 3 – 8

Math and Business Games for Kids, Courtesy of BFS Capital:

Currency Converter from Elizabethan England to today!  Click here.
Complete Guide to understanding the importance of English and Math from Kent College
English and Math Skills from the BBC
Numeracy Resources


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