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The National Park Service's website for the Statue of Liberty (virtual tour)

Ellis Island Virtual Timeline/Tour and resources from Scholastic...also super resource

Immigrant Journey to Ellis Island slideshow interactive, and the first option, "Immigrant Journey"

Chinese Immigration Resources: great activities and primary resoruces from the Library of Congress.

Big Apple Immigration: Follow the cyber trail to trace our ancestor's path.

San Francisco earthquake of 1906: Excellent panoramic photos detailing the destruction. To be viewed in conjunction with the fifth grade reading of Dragonwings during spring term.

Earthquake Resources from the USGS...great photos and eyewitness acccounts of the 1906 earthquake as well as resources for students to learn more about earthquakes today!

Convert your 1680 shillings to 2005 British pounds click here.

Images of a diverse Russia. Explore an incredible library of photographs taken by the photographer to the Csar. A wonderful resource for our reading of Letters from Rifka.

To surf or not to surf...enter the cyberworld of Shakespeare and his world famous theater, The Globe. Be sure to explore this site when we read "The Tempest" and "Midsummer Night's Dream."


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