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Final Exam Information



Exam info:

--A calculator is allowed but not necessary and not required. You may use your own calculator only; I do not have enough to lend to the whole class.
--You may use your "Patronus" as long as there is nothing written on it that involves the exam content.
--An exam binder is a great idea! Go through your notebook with the topic list at your side. Choose the materials that correspond to exam topics.  Doing this will refresh your memory on the material.
--If you wish to study from your old tests: You may use them only in the classroom. They are available in a folder in the crate at the back of the classroom. Plan to use them during class or study halls. 

Final Exam Topics:  Sections ABC and EFH

Final Exam Topics:  Section DGI

Article: 8 Tips for Studying Smarter (based on memory research)

Exam Study Tips

Study Planning Tool: Use this to map out what material you will study on which days. Keep in mind which days you can study in math class (week of May 31), which days you will use study hall for math, and which days you will give yourself a break from studying math. Be sure to fit in all topics on the study guide, with your most-needed topics early and repeated again near the end.

Links for general review:
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