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Hello Fourth Grade Families!

Wow, Spring is WELL underway! The fourth graders are busy and enjoying what this time of year has to offer. They are quite excited for the Recess Regatta! Your children will be sailing their boats on May 4th during School Meeting. Some study hall and small group times have been dedicated to finishing their boats. Please feel free to come and cheer them on during recess! It's always an exciting time! 

The MS Revue is also coming up quickly! With a Hawaiian theme, our students have been creating leis, learning the music and choreography, and coming up with their costume ideas. The Revue will be during school meeting on May 18th. 

May 2nd is the fourth grade Declamation. We keep this contained within our classroom, as we want this to be a low stress introduction to the declamation contest (held officially for grades 5-8). All fourth graders will declaim on May 2nd. They will be judged by 3 judges and receive feedback from their teachers. 3 students from each room will be selected for the finals - based off the judge's scoring. The homeroom teachers do not decide who moves forward. Those 6 students will declaim the same poem the following day to 3 new judges. The kids do feel a little worried about this, but this is okay worry and we will work them through it. We will do a lot of practice and offer them many opportunities for feedback. Soon, their poem will be like a song they can't get out of their head! They are SO proud of themselves and we can't wait to see their accomplishments. 

In the classroom, we are just beginning our studies of Ancient Egypt and poetry, and we continue to work on developing our understanding of fractions. Book clubs are well underway, with many groups just completing their first book and moving into the next! 

We look forward to seeing your children grow even more over the next couple of months. It's always such an exciting and fun part of the year. The warm weather allows us to get outside more and enjoy what our campus has to offer. 

Best wishes,

Elizabeth, Cassie, Sarah, and Holidae