For Families

Birthday Book Program
The Birthday Book Program allows you to donate a book to the library in your child’s name. Based on your child’s interests and reading habits, the librarians choose a book from recent library orders that your child will enjoy. A bookplate is placed in the new book with your child’s name, and s/he gets to be the first to check it out! Even after the initial gift, students love finding “their” books on the library shelf.  [Birthday Book Form]

Volunteer Opportunities at the Library
If you are interested in reading, organization, and helping young students, volunteering is a wonderful opportunity. Volunteers come in for two hour shifts every two weeks, and typical duties include checking in and out books, shelving, and shelf-reading to make sure books are in order. Volunteering is also a great way to get to know the library collection, and many volunteers end up taking home books for their children!

One School, One Book
Brookwood School’s One School, One Book program aims to highlight our community's commitment to reading by bringing us together around one simple but evocative book. Each year we select a picture book that resonates with children of all ages and inspires us to think about ourselves, our relationships, culture, and environment. In the sharing of a touchstone text each year, we create a long-term, school-wide experience that builds unity, values diversity of cultures, and generates excitement about reading and writing. The One School, One Book selection for 2016-2017 is Dreams of Freedom: In Words and Pictures in association with Amnesty International UK. The picture book combines quotations on various aspects of freedom from such notables as Anne Frank and Nelson Mandela with artwork by contemporary illustrators, and provides information about the authors and the artists.  For example "FREEDOM TO DREAM to achieve great things, we must dream as well as do." (Antole France)