Student Projects

Literary Projects at Brookwood

Mystery Book of the Month - 2015-2016
The fourth grade library class chooses a book and creates clues in the form of a short film, live quiz segment, puzzles, or whatever else they can come up with! Students from all grades have one month to guess the title.

October 2015 (Answer)

December 2015 (Answer)  

January/February 2016 (Answer)

April 2016

Spine Poems

Found poetry created with book spines, by the 5th grade.

Mock Newbery

This year, Upper Schoolers participated in a Mock Newbery. They spent several months reading the year's best books for children, thinking about what makes a book worthy of a Newbery, and voting on a Mock Newbery Winner and two honor books.  Click here to see the titles read for this year's Mock Newbery. 

Mock Caldecott

Every year the American Library Association awards the Caldecott Medal to the year's most distinguished American picture book. At Brookwood, the second grade does a Mock Caldecott. They spend several months reading the year's best picture books and thinking critically about picture book art, and after fully considering a dozen or so of the year's most highly praised books, they vote on the Mock Caldecott Winner and two honor books. The second grade ends the program by watching a live streaming of the real Caldecott Award's announcement! Check out the books we read this year.

 Beyond Babylon

Beyond Babylon is a space where people of all faiths and fantasies can come together to share ideas and discuss and argue and appreciate together.  

Mystery Book of the Month - Past Years

See if you can figure out these past mystery books: 

September 2014 (Answer)
October 2014 (Answer
November 2014 (Answer)
December 2014 (Answer)
January 2015 (Answer)
April 2015 (Answer)
May 2014 (answer)
March 2014 (answer)
February 2014 (answer)
January 2014 (answer
December 2013 (answer)
Fall 2013 (answer)
Spring 2013 (answer)
Spring 2013 #2 (answer)
Winter 2012 (answer)
Fall 2012 (answer)
Fall 2011 

Interview with Author and Illustrator Christy Hale
Fourth graders interviewed award-winning author and illustrator Christy Hale visited Brookwood in Fall 2013. They wrote questions, decided on locations, and filmed the interview themselves.

Behind the Spine
A blog of book reviews by teens for teens, created by the eighth grade class of 2011. Still updated as of February 2014.