Literacy Goals

Literacy Curriculum Goals:

In general, the Literacy Department seeks to have 4th grade Brookwood students:

  • Move along a continuum of literacy skills, increasing independence
  • Make meaning from written texts and in their own writing
  • Regard literature and life attentively and purposefully
  • Read, speak, and write about literature that reflects diverse cultures, genres, and perspectives
  • Follow the writing process purposefully to compose in a variety of real-world and academic genres for a variety of audiences
  • Develop and practice a habit of mind that builds an increasingly rich vocabulary
  • Build toward accuracy and self-reliance in using the conventions of spoken and written English

Reading Goals:

  • Read and discuss a variety of books that reflect diverse cultures, genres, and perspectives
  • Recognize and discuss character development, more complex plots, the role of setting, word choice, and some literary devices
  • Read to learn in various content areas
  • Practice active reading strategies
  • Expand commonly used, specialized, and complex vocabulary with context support from texts
  • Make connections between the text and self, the text and the world, and the text to another text

Writing Goals

  • Bring characteristics of genres, knowledge of audience, and sense of purpose to writing
  • Craft choosing authors and texts as mentors
  • Develop an appreciation and aim for precise language
  • Revise and edit their own writing during and after composing
  • Attempt correct applications of learned conventions in final drafts