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Moira Smith

Grade 3 Teacher, Grades PreK-4 Literacy Coordinator
Education:  Washington and Jefferson College, B.A.; Simmons College, M.S.Ed.
ext:  6323

Education (elementary & high school)
Ligonier Valley School District

Where did you grow up?
Ligonier, PA

What are your other roles have you held at Brookwood?
Skills Specialist, Faculty Liason to Parents Association Wellness Committee

Faculty member since 2009

Why do you teach your respective age group?
Third graders are just so purely interested.  They have learned about and some have seen enough of the world to want to see more, and to understand more.  Their intrinsic curiosity is beginning to blossom, and they take the offerings of their school day and run with the elements that pique their deepest interests.  Their capabilities for facilitating their own learning is developing, allowing them to gather the sources of information for themselves, such as books and experts and articles and apps.

What is your favorite classroom lesson to teach?
I made a really great Mr. Putter and Tabby Jeopardy game that I used with 2nd grade. It blew their minds. 

Is there something at Brookwood that makes you a better teacher?
My 4-deep stash of "mathematical discourse" and "best practices in literacy" books on my nightstand that have been offered by co-teachers and department heads. Our faculty is ALWAYS thinking forward, adding depth to our current practices and considering what else is out there.

Do you have a special memory from elementary school?
I won the 5th grade spelling bee with the word "calisthenics" but really, deep down, I know it wasn't a fair win.  The girl before me tried it with a k- and I would have done the same.  When she was wrong, I knew it had to be a c-. 

Unique skills/passions/interests
I enjoy gardening and running.

Thoughts on taking a risk:
This summer I accidently rented a 26' truck.  I meant to get the 14-footer.  While I would rather NOT have had to take on the risk, I climbed into the driver seat, revved up the engine, and told msyelf, "Good thing I wore my big brave pants.  I'm doing this."  And I DID. 

Favorite children’s book:
Whichever ones my KIDS read to ME!!  I've been a reading teacher for 12 years, and I'm still astounded by the opportunity to have watched my own kids become readers!

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