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Charlottesville Reading

Charlottesville Reading

Michael Gill

Maintenance Staff

Juliette Halsey

Manager of Multimedia Production and Design
Syracuse University, B.A and B.S.
ext:  6225

Jennifer Gabriel

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
Framingham State University, B.A.
ext:  6230

Lindsey St. Louis

Teaching Apprentice
Colby Sawyer College, B.A.
ext:  6355

Taylor Picariello

Teaching Apprentice
Saint Anselm College, B.A.
ext:  6346

Victoria Marotta

Teaching Apprentice
Union College, B.A.

Lindsey MacDonald

Teaching Apprentice
Connecticut College, B.A.
ext:  6304

Kelley Journey

Teaching Apprentice
Boston University School of Public Health, M.A., University of Colorado Boulder, B.A.
ext:  6352

Trevor Johnson

Teaching Apprentice
University of Nebraska, B.A.
ext:  6349


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