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Brookwood has recently adopted a K-5 math program, Investigations in Number, Data and Space.  We find that this program is an excellent fit for our goals and mission as a school.  Using this program means that we are working with the most current information about what math children should learn at each grade level, and about how children learn math best.

English/Language Arts



From the read-alouds, drawing, and shared storytelling of Pre-Kindergarten to the analytical discussions around the 8th grade Harkness table, our students are actively engaged every day as readers and writers.  Literacy learning at Brookwood is founded on a shared belief that both strong skills and the knowledge and motivation to apply them purposefully are essential to global citizens of the 21st century.

Math games for geometry, arithmetic, fractions, and logic. Includes “Number Eaters” fact practice that many kids love. Grades 2 – 8.

To surf or not to surf...enter the cyberworld of Shakespeare and his world famous theater, The Globe. Be sure to explore this site when we read "The Tempest" and "Midsummer Night's Dream."
During Rifka's journey a book of Puskin's poems sustained her through her harrowing ordeals (click above)



The National Park Service's website for the Statue of Liberty (virtual tour)

Ellis Island Virtual Timeline/Tour and resources from Scholastic...also super resource

Immigrant Journey to Ellis Island slideshow interactive, and the first option, "Immigrant Journey"





                                          Preparing the jars and checking the bee boxes.
















PGD: Personal Growth & Development



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