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Geography and Climate

Yes, geography is the primary theme of this course and there is a good reason for that. Geography includes so many important aspects of studying people and places. Among them are:


When most of us think of economics, we think of money. But the world of economics is far more complex than just cash. Every culture has an economy and it is this economy that influences many decisions and elements of each culture. Currency, natural resources, trade, scarcity, credit, and supply/demand are all around us each day and play a central role in our culture.

Art and Architecture

Architecture is obviously a key component to any culture due to the necessity of having shelter for survival. However, many types of architecture are considered art and art on its own is widespread among all of the cultures of the world. Architecture is most apparent in dwellings, meeting places, boats, and other structures.

3 Life Science

A - Forest Pests
Listen to the audio files:
     Tick Reading
     Poison Ivy Reading

B - Forest Succession
Listen to the audio files:
     How the Forest Grew
     How the Forest Grew 2

1 Earth Science & Engineering

A -Plate Tectonics Audio Files
Listen to the audio files: 

B - Earthquake Audio Files
Listen to the audio files:
Three Kinds of Faults
Measuring Earthquake Waves


Sample Book Reviews

Sample Book Review--Holes

Summer fun or death by the sun? I recently read the book Holes, by Louis Sachar, and was completely entertained and happy the whole time.


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