Visual Arts

The art rooms at Brookwood are buzzing with activity, and our halls are filled with the many creations of our budding young artists. Students begin coming to the art room in Pre-Kindergarten, and they continue their studio art instruction through eighth grade. Our program is sequential in both theory and practice, and all students are exposed to a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional art forms, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, bookmaking, fabric art, mixed-media, graphic design, and ceramics. Eighth grade students who have a pronounced interest in visual art may enroll in a our Art Portfolio program that meets for an additional period each week.  Click here for samples of student artwork by division, Lower School Gallery, Middle School Gallery, Upper School Gallery.

Our facilities include three classrooms, as well as a dedicated clay studio with kiln, in which students express their artistic visions. We treat our walls and halls as curated gallery space, filling them with students’ ceramics, woodwork, watercolors, sketches, and sculpture. Also on hand is a small art library as well as a wood working studio.

 Our intention is to develop visually literate and informed students who better understands and appreciate what is involved in the making of art. We work hard to create an atmosphere in which each student feels encouraged and supported in his or her creative endeavors. We believe that each child is an artist.