Seasonal Athletic Offerings



Athletes choose from eight interscholastic teams (with two levels, varsity and junior varsity) while intramurals are offered to those students seeking non-competitive options.  We require our students to play either in our interscholastic or our intramural athletic program. In our interscholastic program, we provide two levels of competition, varsity and junior varsity, each with its own guiding philosophy.


  • Varsity boys’ soccer
  • Varsity girls’ soccer
  • Varsity girls’ field hockey
  • Junior varsity boys’ soccer
  • Junior varsity girls' soccer
  • Junior varsity girls’ field hockey
  • Running and fitness


  • Varsity boys’ basketball
  • Varsity girls’ basketball
  • Junior varsity boys’ basketball
  • Junior varsity girls’ basketball
  • Activities
  • Yoga


  • Varsity boys’ lacrosse
  • Varsity girls’ lacrosse
  • Junior varsity boys’ lacrosse
  • Junior varsity girls’ lacrosse
  • Activities
  • Running and fitness

    Students go through an extensive tryout period at the start of each season in order to determine their level of play. Our varsity teams play a very competitive schedule primarily against high school junior varsity teams. Although winning is an acknowledged priority at the varsity level, we also overtly emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship. While everyone plays, we do not require equal playing time at the varsity level. At the junior varsity level, our teams play a middle school schedule; the players get roughly equivalent playing time, and the emphasis is on skill and strategy development. We offer interscholastic opportunities in field hockey, boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girl’s basketball, and boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. Although we are not able to offer everyone’s sport of choice at Brookwood, we do want to honor all interests, so we seasonally provide a sports option which allows a student to both fulfill his or her sports requirement and to leave at the regular dismissal time each day, allowing for off-campus athletic pursuits in the late afternoon.

If you'd like more information, please contact Jane Pirie, Athletic Director. 
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