Advisor Program

The Advisor Program is designed to provide students with a consistent small group in which to address the issues and objectives of the PGD program and to provide support for individual students. Groups are intended to be a forum for personal exploration of PGD Advisors of both the previous and current grades spend a great deal of time and effort creating each year’s advisor groups.

Advisors are charged with keeping current with each advisee’s academic, social, and emotional status and with acting as a student’s advocate in school matters.  They are the primary contact for parents regarding the general academic, social and emotional growth of advisees.  Advisors are not expected to intervene to address course-specific academic or behavioral issues, although the citizenship of their charges is very much their concern, and they may be involved in resolution of a global academic concern or a specific disciplinary response.  Academic teachers must address issues that occur in class with students and families directly, keeping the advisor informed of situations, resolutions, and communication.

Advisor groups consist of 8   10 students of the same grade level who remain together throughout the school year.  It is the Advisor’s responsibility to establish and maintain a safe and respectful learning environment in which students can explore questions at the heart of the PGD curriculum and topics of common interest.   Return to PGD Home Page