The Buddy Program

The Buddy program meets very roughly once a month during the school year; students at two grade levels are assigned to each other in consideration of needs, interests, and experiences.

In pairing students of students of different ages and abilities, the program seeks to promote the notion of responsibility to other and to provide opportunity for students at both levels to practice their social competency skills. For example, students might design a game or instrument to find out about their buddies’ interests. Next, they might organize an activity in response to their findings, showing organization, thoughtfulness, and responsibility. Their understanding of how to interact with another and build mutual respect with another should grow, and they should experience the satisfaction of responsible “care-taking.” The program also seeks to deepen the sense of community at Brookwood, to shrink the inevitable “distance” between divisions, and to foster individual relationships between members of different constituencies within the student body. Some PGD and/or advisory time can be used for this purpose.  Kindergarten is paired with Grade 5, Grade 1 with Grade 7, Grade 2 with Grade 6, Grade 3 with Grade 8.  Grade 4 and Pre-K work collaboratively.  Return to PGD Home Page.