Visual and Performing Arts at Brookwood

Visual arts facilities include three art classrooms and a dedicated clay studio. We treat our walls and halls as a curated gallery space, filling them with student creations.  To view samples of student artwork from our three divisions, click one of the Image Galleries in the righthand column.

Performing arts students have access to two acoustically-designed music classrooms, a professional recording studio and several practice rooms. In classes students learn to play Orff instruments, steel drums, guitars, and handbells and to perform with vocal ensembles.  In addition to regular music classes, many students are involved in jazz band, rock/pop combos, band and classical ensembles.  Culminating our Performing Arts Program is the annual eighth grade musical.  In the right hand column are image galleries of recent productions.

School Meeting, held every Thursday at 10:00 a.m., offers weekly opportunities to celebrate the arts through individual and group performances, poetry readings, visual arts slide shows and more.