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Steep Week

During one week in May, Brookwood Upper Schoolers partake in Steep Week during which each student immerses him or herself in one intensive, singularly focused course.  The name Steep Week grew out of the notion that sometimes, to understand a thing, one has to immerse oneself in it and steep, as a teabag steeps in hot water.

Designed to take down the walls of the classroom, the courses are all interdisciplinary in nature and comprised of kids from all three Upper School grades -- six, seven and eight; based in part on the passions of the faculty, each of these courses takes the students beyond the boundaries of the Brookwood campus; some take advantage of the wonders of the North Shore, and some venture to Boston and beyond.  

Each Steep Week course is intended to involve multiple grades, multiple teachers (internal and/or external), multiple disciplines, and outside experts.  While Brookwood faculty design and teach the courses, individually or in pairs, experts from a wide range of fields will serve as ancillary instructors, be they professional disc jockeys, successful music agents, respected engineers, radiologists, writers, fishermen,  environmentalists, and so on.