2011 Faculty Grants

Kathy Stewart, Visual Arts Coordinator: The International Folk Art Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Last summer I had the opportunity to travel with my daughter Taylor to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to attend the International Folk Art Festival and a folk art teacher’s  workshop.
     Our seven days in Santa Fe were quite full. We started each day with a lecture about the various components of folk art, followed by a hands-on workshop where we made a range of things from quilt squares and to cut paper designs. In the afternoons we often explored Santa Fe’s many galleries, museums, and small shops.
     The city seemed to perfectly reflect a combination of Spanish and Native American cultures, coupled with a hint of the old West. Saturday and Sunday of the week, we spent the entire day at the International Folk Art Festival where artisans from more than 139 countries came to display and sell their work. We saw everything from small, handmade felted dolls from Poland to large, elaborate metal works from Haiti.
     At every turn we turned we found another fascinating object created by an equally interesting person. Evenings were spent gathered with our group talking, crafting, getting to know each other, and occasionally taking a late night swim in the pool.
     Our week spent in Santa Fe combined a perfect balance of learning, doing, exploring, and connecting, with lots of smiling. Thank you, Parents’ Association for helping to make this dream happen. Taylor and I will always remember this trip.

Maile Black, Grade 6 English Teacher: 10 Manchesters
This past summer, Brookwood’s sixth grade English and geography teacher Maile Black traveled around the eastern United States visiting towns and villages and cities that share one important aspect in common: they all call themselves Manchester.   Ms. Black left her home near Manchester, MA, on July 14, 2011. Three thousand seven hundred seventy-one miles later she and her traveling companion returned, having explored and studied Manchesters in VT, NH, PA, OH, TN, KY, and GA with a few more to go.
Click here for a brief recap of her travels: 10 Manchesters

Technology Director Doug Fodeman: Amyrakikos Gulf, Greece

Did you know that our own Technology Director Doug Fodeman (who holds two degrees in science) was a former high school biology teacher for nearly two decades before coming to Brookwood? Last summer, with the help of a faculty grant, Doug joined a small research team for eight days in the Amvrakikos Gulf located five hours west of Athens, Greece.

 There the group collected data on a population of approximately 150 bottle-nose dolphins, working with people from Spain, France and Greece. Together they monitored socializing, playing, feeding and other behavior of the dolphin populations as a part of a joint Earthwatch and Tethys Institute project. Doug taught Brookwood's fifth grade classes about the research and ecology of these magnificent animals.   Brookwood students also Skyped with one of the dolphin researchers.