Faculty Wish List Funding

Everywhere you turn at Brookwood, you will see the lasting benefits of PA fundraising.  One of the best examples in recent years is the addition of lockers to the Upper School. The PA-funded wooden lockers were designed and custom-built especially with the Brookwood Upper School student in mind -  with ample room for backpacks, coats, sports equipment, books, binders, etc.  Just ask the students how much they love them!

Other recent Wish List items that the PA funded include:

  • Basketball Hoop & Additional Equipment for Lower & Middle Schools (funded in part from the Crosby’s Receipts program)
  • Bean Bag Chairs
  • Bee Hives for the Science Dept.
  • Benches for the Middle School Hallway
  • Bicycle Racks
  • Binoculars for Lower and Middle School Science
  • Board games for Lower School
  • Cold Food Storage for Dining Room
  • Digital Nikon Camera
  • Digital Video Camera for School Meetings and Performances
  • Electrical Carts for Athletic Field Maintenance (partial funding)
  • eReaders (3) for Library
  • Electronic Quizzing “Clicker” System for Upper School Classrooms
  • GPS and Vernier Mobile Data Recording Devices for 5th Grade Science
  • iPads (12) for Sharing by Skills, World Language & Classrooms
  • LabQuest Data Collection Tool for Science
  • LCD Projector for School Meeting House
  • Lego Robotic Kits
  • Light Board Equipment for School Meeting House
  • Picnic Tables for Outdoor Class & Recreational Use
  • Reading Loft for a 1st Grade Classroom
  • Scoreboard for Athletic Fields
  • Smartboards
  • Snow Shoes & Girls LAX Sticks for Phys Ed Program
  • Wireless Headsets for Performing Arts
  • And more!