Throughout history, the military has always been present in society. While it has changed considerably over time, it has always served the same function. The military is generally used by a society for either protection or conquest. The military has the tendency to bring out the more violent side of people, but it has always been utilized to resolve conflicts when diplomacy and talking simply doesn't work. Little else on Earth can unsettle a culture and cause more hardship than war, however, the military plays a central role in our lives today and throughout our past.

The military is closely connected to many of the other attributes of culture. Examples of connections between the military and other elements of culture are limitless, however, we won't really be studying the military on its own this year. As we explore each new culture, we will almost always touch upon the military or warfare.

Key Questions About Military

1. Why is that nearly every culture on Earth has a military?

2. Is there a connection between the size of a culture's military and the culture's overall size, power, and influence? If so, what is the connection?

3. How has the military changed on Earth over time? Compare an ancient military to one in the present. What are some similarities and differences?

4. What is the connection between technology and warfare? How has the military changed as a result of new inventions and innovation?

5. What is the connection between government and military? Do you think that a general could be a good political leader?