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1 Earth Science & Engineering

A -Plate Tectonics Audio Files
Listen to the audio files: 

B - Earthquake Audio Files
Listen to the audio files:
Three Kinds of Faults
Measuring Earthquake Waves


Earth Science Web Links

      National Earthquake Information Center's Earthquake Map

     BBC Science Page on Earth's Surface and Interior

     Satellites Map Ocean Floor Article
     Deep Range: A Story of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Video
     Mid Ocean Ridges, Volcanoes, & the Arctic Video

     How Does the Earth Move During an Earthquake Animations
          IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) Tectonic Plate Animations
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program Animations
  IRIS Fault Animations

     Tectonic Plate Boundaries vs. Faults Video

     Triangulation Interactive
     Triangulating to Find Epicenters

     Map of New England Seismic Network Stations

     National Geographic Natural Disaters Interactive

     Foam Building Shake Table Videos
           Short building, slow shake
           Short building, medium shake
           Short building, fast shake
           Tall building, slow shake
           Tall building, medium shake
Tall building, fast shake


Engineering Web Links

     Building Big Website

     Bridge to Classroom Simulation