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Alumni Mentor Luncheon Series

Brookwood’s Alumni Mentor Luncheon Series aims to reconnect alums with current students and faculty. Alums are invited back to campus and share their stories about a particular interest or passion they have cultivated through the years. The talents of Brookwood alums span a vast array of extracurricular and professional pursuits. Whether or not they unknowingly find their passion at Brookwood, they leave here and plot their own journey complete with trials, tribulations and much success.

Over the past three years, we have had the great fortune to hear from an exceptional group of former herons, with topics spanning from athletics to global initiatives and performing arts, service, global and writing. In the inaugural year, Performing Arts and Athletics became the first topic of discussion, followed by Service, Global, and Writing. In just three years, the alums have inspired students and teachers alike to follow their own path with fierce determination to gracefully tackle any conflict that arises. At every Mentor Luncheon, you will find a room full of bright-eyed students, proud faculty, and charismatic and accomplished alums enjoying each other’s company and learning from one another. 

As we gear up for another Alumni Mentor Luncheon, we'd like to thank all of the past speakers for returning to Brookwood and sharing their stories and heartfelt messages with the greater community. You continue to inspire students to find their passion while embarking upon new opportunities and challenges with an open mind. Below are the previous Alumni Mentor Luncheon participants. 



Eliot Hovey ’98

Kellen Millard ’02

Nazy Kerr ’03 

Eric Slingerland ’06

Olivia King ’06

Hannah Beardsley ’07

Catherine Pirie ’08


Performing Arts 

Ari Fodeman ’06

Ben Trudeau ’09

Sofia del Valle ’10 



Cynthia Sweet ’90

Emily Fox ’98

Sam Cohen ’04

Michaela Morris ’11



Erin Herzeelle ’95

Charlee Bianchini ’01

Emma Shorr ’06



Ursula DeYoung ’96

Lily King ’77

Tapley Stephenson ’06

Katrina Morris ’09


Visual Arts

Sebastian Carpenter ’79

Willie DeConto ’09

Lucy Gladstone ’06

Julia Kaneb ’06

Taylor Purcell '06

Deicey Stockwell, former teacher

Julia Von Metzsch ’99


Thank you to everyone who came and spoke for making this event one of our most treasured here at school. Please come back to see us and stay in touch!