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The following is a list of established scholarships that help Brookwood fulfill its mission of providing an exceptional education to a variety of students. We are extremely grateful to our generous donors and for the commitment of those they honor.  All scholarships are need-based and are awarded through the financial aid process.

The Elizabeth D. Begien Scholarship

is named after Elizabeth Begien ’80 more affectionately known as “Bizzy.” Bizzy is remembered for her optimism, resilience, courage and compassion. The scholarship is awarded to those students who “exhibit a love of learning and life as well as caring for those around them.” Click here to read a profile of Bizzy: Brookwood Bulletin, 1990.

The Covington Scholarship

established by Bonnie and Chris Covington, is awarded to a minority student entering an Upper School grade and who exhibits outstanding effort and demonstrates qualities of character and leadership.

The Josephine Henley Scholarship

is a general scholarship awarded to a student who is in good standing within the Brookwood community. The opportunity to have a young, vibrant individual attend Brookwood, who would not otherwise have had the chance, is an honorable remembrance of Josephine Henley.

The Dodge Scholarship

was designed to promote diversity and is awarded to a student who is in high academic standing, puts forth great effort in academics, exhibits qualities of leadership and character, and demonstrates financial need. The Dodge Scholarship allows Brookwood to further its commitment to diversity.

The Peterman-Klesken Scholarship

is awarded to a student who has a passion for and love of music. The Peterman/Klesken Scholarship is awarded to a musically talented student who is a valuable addition to the Brookwood community.

The Jaques Family Scholarship

is named after a past Brookwood grandparent Marjorie Motley Jaques who believed that “love and a good education” are all a child needs. This scholarship goes to a student who is a well-respected member of the Brookwood community.