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Teacher Sarah Dawe in Rwanda

Brookwood Grade 1 teacher Sarah Dawe settled into her hosts’ home in Rwanda and began her adventure as Brookwood’s 2016 Exchange Educator. For two weeks she will be visiting the APAPEC-IREBERO School, a Nursery through Grade 6 school located in Kigali. Follow Sarah’s updates and images on Brookwood’s Global Classroom blog:

This reciprocal trip and follows the visit of APAPEC Head of School Sir Victor Gakwaya who spent two weeks at Brookwood last spring working with teachers and students in all three divisions.
Sarah brought an enormous amount (4 suitcases!) of student work as well as educational materials from the Brookwood community to share with the APAPEC-IREBERO teachers and children. According to a recent post, items from homemade Pre-K memory games featuring photos of Brookwood to Kindergarten clothespin cardboard games, from second grade oil pastel portraits to Rubik’s cubes with eighth grade video tutorials in English and French are just a few of the items. Classroom snapshots, music videos, and supplies to build small circuits also made it into her suitcases. 

At the APAPEC-IREBERO school Sarah will be, “researching and documenting gardens, butterflies, inventions, chickens and many other curricular thread topics that are meaningful to the Brookwood community. Designing innovative curriculum is one of my favorite aspects of education and I am excited to build partnerships, help develop authentic global education opportunities, support the work of my colleagues and share another lens of the world with our students, families and colleagues.”