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Early Childhood Education Required Course Sequence

Summer courses are taken at the Lesley University campus. The majority of remaining courses are taken at Brookwood School.


EEDUC 5131     3 cr (Lesley)
Developmental Learning

EEDUC 5137     3 cr (Lesley)
Language and Literacy Development in the Early Years

EEDUC 5120     3 cr (Lesley)
Young Children with Special Needs


EEDUC 5139     3 cr (Lesley)
Learning Mathematics in Early Childhood

EEDUC 5130.52     3 cr (Brookwood)   
Integrated Curriculum for Early Childhood: Science and Health 

EEDUC 5138.52  3 cr (Brookwood)
Language, Literacy and the Arts for the Primary Grades (Prerequisite: 5137) 

EEDUC 6058 52  3 cr (Brookwood)
Anti-Bias Early Childhood Education


EEDUC 6109.52  3 cr (Brookwood)
Observation, Documentation, and Assessment


EECLD 6115     4 (Lesley)
Sheltered English Instruction (Prek-6) )

EEDUC 5128.52  3 cr (Brookwood)
Integrated Curriculum for Early Childhood: Social Studies and Classroom Life

EEDUC 7727.52  6 cr (Brookwood)
Practicum and Seminar in Early Childhood Education (Pre K-2) 

EEDUC 5115     3 cr (Lesley)
Families, Society and Schools