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Elementary Education Required Course Sequence

Summer courses take place at the Lesley University campus.  The majority of the remaining courses are taken at Brookwood School.


EEDUC 5121     3 cr (Lesley)    
Literacy: The Integration of the Language Arts

EEDUC 5122     3 cr (Lesley)
Development and Learning: Psycho-social Perspectives 

EEDUC 5102     3 cr (Lesley)
Teaching Elementary School Mathematics

ESPED 6121      3 cr (Lesley)
Classroom Management and Behavior Support 


EEDUC 5146     3 cr (Lesley)
Issues in American Schooling: Contemporary Challenges & Historical Contexts

EEDUC 5135.52     3 cr (Brookwood)
Science in the Elementary School: Thinking with Evidence

EEDUC 6111.52     3 cr (Brookwood)
Constructing the Equitable Classroom: From Theory to Practice 


ESPED 5114     3 cr (Lesley)
Designing Instruction for the Inclusive Classroom (weekend section) 


EECLD 6115
Sheltered English Instruction (Prek-6) 4 (Lesley)

EEDUC 5104.52  3 cr (Brookwood)
Literature for Children and Young Adults
EEDUC 5136.52     3 cr (Brookwood)
Integrating Social Studies in the Elementary Classroom

EEDUC 7733.52   6 cr (Brookwood)
Practicum and Seminar in Elementary Education (1-6)