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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarships

The tuition for the collaborative program is split between Brookwood School and Lesley University.

Tuition paid to Brookwood is $6,000. (21 credits)
This payment is made in two installments, the first due in the October and the second in March. Brookwood tuition covers Practicum, Seminar and all courses taken on our campus.

Tuition paid to Lesley University is $975 per credit  (19 credits)

Additional Lesley University Fees:
Affiliation fee due in January that is the equivalent of one credit. 
$30 registration fee due each semester 
$125 graduation fee

There are at least three scholarship opportunities available each year:

The Robert Kay Scholarship is awarded to two students. One award will cover the full cost of Brookwood tuition and a portion of the Lesley tuition. The second award will cover the cost of the Brookwood tuition.

Parents' Association Scholarship is awarded to up to two students and will cover a portion of the Brookwood tuition. 

To Apply:

Submit an essay, reflecting on your beliefs about education and how they resonate with the Brookwood School Mission Statement. 

Mail all Lesley application materials, the financial aid form and your essay to:
Pam Hawes, Director of the Teacher Training Program
Brookwood School
One Brookwood Road
Manchester, MA