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This web page is not meant to be a review of the age-appropriate use of video games.  It is meant to offer resources and tips about video-game play in general, and help parents understand the risks and issues so they can make informed decisions for their children.  A valuable resource to consult as you evaluate the appropriateness of video games for your child is's reviews.

From The Impact of Gaming (A resource for parents.)

As of Fall, 2016 there is a growing, well-documented body of evidence demonstrating that many video games, arguably the most popular games, have addictive qualities to them because of the dopamine release they trigger in the developing brains of children.  Some games have the same variable ratio/reward schedule, such as in the mining of gold and diamonds in Minecraft,  as is used in the design of casino slot machines.  As a result, there is a growing concern that a small population of children are developing gaming addiction or demonstrating addictive behavior that is interfering with everything from sleep to brain development to socialization and cognitive skills.

Virtual Violence - Policy statment from the American Academy of Pediatrics

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