Week of March 4 - 10, 2017

Announcements & Head of School Time        
Ms. Caron
Grade 6 Reader                           
Maisy H.
Grade 6 Reader                           
Elizabeth S.
Grade 8 memories, part 3            
Mr. Wilfahrt
Song: "Rainbow Connection"        
Hazel L.
Faculty Grant presentation             
Mrs. Notas
Art Presentation                
Ms. Wildrick
Tamboo Bamboo 5B            
Mr. Luman

White bean veggie soup, Stuffed shells with homemade marinara and meat sauce, Veggie ramen bowl, Pasta, Specialty salad from Brookwood's garden, Tuna sliders,
Strawberry shortcake


Sausage minestrone soup, Three cheese pizza, Pepperoni pizza, Pasta, Peas and corn, Chicken salad sandwich, Fruit salad

Homemade tomato soup, BBQ chicken sandwich, Grilled cheese sandwich, Pasta, Grilled vegetable medley, Ham and cheese, Chocolate bread pudding

Chicken and sausage gumbo, Local blackened Cajun fish, Rice pilaf, Tortilla vegetable
frittata, Pasta, Roasted brussel sprouts, Hummus and vegetable flatbread, Orange wedges
Behind the scenes at Friday's dress rehearsal of Harry Potter as the cast dons full make-up, costumes and hair styles with the help of parent volunteers.
Harry Potter tickets are sold out
     The eighth grade production of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone takes to the stage this Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, March 7, 8, and 9 at 6:30 p.m. each night.
     Tickets for all performances are completely sold out. Check out the ticket swap blog (information below) if you have extra tickets or are looking for more tickets.    
     If you have any questions, please email Kersten Lanes at kerstenlanes@gmail.com or call/text her at 978-395-1041.
Need help with Grade 8 play tickets?
Check out the Harry Potter ticket swap blog

If you have more tickets than you will use, or if you didn't get all of the tickets you need, read on. . .
This year, through an online blog, we are trying to match people who have too many tickets with people who have not been able to buy tickets.  We are hoping that people will post information on extra tickets or needed tickets in this blog, so that buyers and sellers can be matched. 
Here's the link to the blog:  https://brookwoodschool.net/blogs/ticket-swap/  
The password (if you are not at Brookwood) is "HarryPotter" (no spaces and no quotations, with caps for H and P). 
Please note, your posts will not be immediately available due to security measures - it will take between a few minutes or a couple of hours for the posting to appear depending on time of day you post. 
Feel free to pass this link onto anyone who has extra tickets or needs tickets. Let the trading begin!    
Ticketing questions to Kersten Lanes at kerstenlanes@gmail.com, or text/call 978-395-1941.
Sign up now for spring after-school classes

     Registration is now open for Brookwood's new spring after-school classes. Please visit Spring Classes to access class descriptions.
     There are some amazing new offerings including an expanded 3D Printing course led by Rich Lehrer and an adult knitting class led by Annabel Wildrick. Use Brookwood's Reports Server to officially register.
     Please sign up by the the last day of March Break (March 27) so teachers can plan accordingly for those classes that are scheduled during our first week back. Contact Justin Zappia at jzappia@brookwood.edu with any questions.  

Summer at Brookwood 2017
     Please visit the Brookwood website to learn about the amazing full- and half-day specialty camps we are offering this summer to students in rising PreK through Grade 9. In addition, we will offer new single day trip adventures throughout the summer months! Descriptions of all the camps and trips, as well as related logistical information, can be found on the Summer Camps page on brookwood.edu.
     Register by using the "Register Now" button on the Brookwood website. We are confident these are the most unique camps on all of the North Shore, so don't miss an opportunity to get your child signed-up. Space is limited.