Traditionally Untraditional

For a young man from England, Brookwood was, and still is, refreshingly traditional at being untraditional in the way it encourages children to discover their true talents and passion for lifelong learning, which is why I was thrilled to return to Brookwood in 2021 after leading other schools in the UK.


Developing Human Skills

In short, I have never worked in a school where more time and energy is focused on the aspects of education that really matter. Challenging and rigorous academic programs taught by creative and forward looking teachers underpin all that we do. However, it is the development of each individual child’s "human skills" that separates Brookwood from other schools.

At Brookwood, every child really does matter, and more importantly, their unique talents and abilities are nurtured and truly celebrated by their extraordinarily dedicated and talented teachers.

Brookwood is a community in the true sense of the word, as families and educators join together to support each other to enjoy the educational journey of each child at this most precious but formative stage.​​​​​

Confident & Compassionate Changemakers

Students are exposed to a wide range of experiences, both in and out of the classroom, which are all designed to not only educate children but to help them develop the skills and confidence they need to be compassionate and resourceful changemakers in their worlds.

Brookwood is a unique community full of talented teachers and lovely families and I warmly invite you to visit us for yourselves, so you can experience the genuine joy that permeates through our school hallways and classrooms for yourself.

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