Musical Expression

Brookwood students have an enormous range of opportunities to express themselves musically. At designated and developmentally-appropriate grade levels, children learn to play Orff instruments, recorders, steel drums, guitars and handbells, as well as perform with a vocal ensemble.


Musical Proficiency

Our comprehensive performing arts curriculum enables students to develop an ability to read complex rhythms, apply thorough music theory knowledge, appreciate the fundamentals of Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop and World Music, understand the expectations of an audience in different performance settings, and experience and understand cultures through music. And of course, for every musician at Brookwood, there’s an equally talented orator or thespian.

Live Performances

Performance is a Brookwood tradition, fueled by more than a half-century of unforgettable moments on stage. Students participate in plays and musical revues throughout the year at all grade levels, with the 8th Grade Play positioned as the grand finale.


Recording and Instrumental Exploration

Using many different professional digital recording options, budding singers of all ages record their own songs. And many students opt for after-school individual and group lessons in an even wider range of instruments and genres, including acapella, jazz band, multiple rock/pop combos, band and classical ensembles.