From comprehensive health and wellness programs, including physical and mental health support, to personalized academic and learning skills assistance, our dedicated team ensures every student has the resources and support they need to thrive. We don't just see the unique potential in every child—we're committed to providing the support and opportunities they need to realize it.

Academic Support

Skills specialists dedicated to each division are in place to facilitate the recognition, understanding and support of current Brookwood students with learning differences. They may provide educational assessment, consultation, one-on-one and small group support, and/or special learning materials to teachers.

Health Services

We believe there is a direct correlation between health and wellness and educational achievement. A student needs to be healthy in order to learn to his or her full potential. Both the school psychologist and nurse are available to students to ensure they are safe, healthy and in school ready to learn.

Advisory / Homeroom Teachers

Students in our Upper School work collaboratively with faculty advisors who help guide, direct and support their growth throughout the school year. Advisors serve as student advocates, keeping current with each advisee’s academic, social and emotional status and are the primary contact for parents when questions or needs arise.