At Brookwood, we view makerspaces not just as technical labs but as curiosity-charged zones where students act as changemakers. Our mission, emphasizing communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and global awareness, aligns seamlessly with the experiential and deep learning experiences we provide.


Engaging Learning Experiences

Our students are equipped with a diverse array of "high tech" and "low tech" tools, including robotics, drones, 3D printers, laser cutters, and more. These tools, combined with a fully-equipped woodshop, allow students to immerse themselves in creative problem-solving. Whether driven by personal passion, class assignments, or Inquiry Projects, students have the space and faculty expertise to bring their ideas to life.


A Focus on Empathy and Social Impact

Brookwood goes beyond the conventional scope of maker education by emphasizing empathy and social impact. We foster relationships with local organizations, museums, assisted living facilities, and global partnerships. From creating braille signage for the visually impaired to addressing environmental pollution with programmed robots, our students actively contribute to positive change in their communities.


Real-World Problem Solving

Our students don't merely design widgets; they identify real-world problems and work collaboratively to devise authentic solutions. We bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making education experiential and meaningful.


Cultivating Responsible and Inquisitive Leaders

Building on our history of academic excellence, we empower students to apply their knowledge for the greater good. Brookwood students are not just intellectually curious—they are changemakers in the making. We guide them through thoughtfully constructed growth opportunities that instill a sense of responsibility and inspire contributions to their communities at various levels.

Service Learning

When classroom curriculum is interwoven with meaningful, authentic and rewarding community service based on actual need, students learn civic responsibility, form empathetic connections, appreciate a sense of shared humanity, and strengthen our communities for the common good.

Examples of recent service learning initiatives include:

  • Early Childhood students partnering with Appleton Farms for a seedling growing project.
  • 1st graders contributed to daily operations at Wellspring House by assisting with spring gardening, helping with the holiday store and shopping for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Fifth graders leading an annual food drive for Beverly Bootstraps as part of their food insecurity studies.
  • Seventh graders leading a textile recycling program to turn discarded fabrics into dog toys for a local animal shelter.
  • Upper School students working with seniors in our local community on a variety of changemaking projects.
  • Additionally, the Parents’ Association coordinates an annual Community Day of Service in which faculty, students and parents volunteer their time and energy to support nonprofit organizations in our local communities.