In addition to the programs and initiatives listed below, students of all ages are encouraged by our faculty to follow their passions, take initiative and exercise personal agency in an effort to develop skills that will pay back over a lifetime.

8th Grade Leadership Groups

Leadership Groups are an opportunity for 8th graders to exert and develop their leadership skills within the Brookwood community, guided by dedicated faculty mentors. Groups vary year to year, and range from Yearbook Committee coordinators to School Meeting emcees. Students apply to a group by submitting a letter of interest or a 1-minute video in September. By October, group membership is confirmed and students begin serving our school community by planning school-wide events, running School Meetings, greeting and welcoming visitors, and more.

Changemaking Opportunities

At Brookwood, we believe that young people can accomplish mighty things. Kids thirst for opportunities to tackle challenges that matter; they are intrinsically motivated, ready to learn, intellectually curious and prepared to act. When student agency is paired with coaching and space for reflection, kids can do far more than you might think. Brookwood teachers make it clear to students from a very early age that they are equal contributors to the problem-solving process, and it’s having an impact. Our teachers engage students as agents in their own learning, empowering them to experience meaningful growth opportunities. We know that when kids become problem-finders and innovative solution-generators, their commitment to meaningful citizenship grows—both in their classrooms and beyond.

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