Empowering Young Minds

At Brookwood, we understand the pivotal role of fostering healthy decisions for the mind, body, and heart. Our thoughtfully-sequenced approach to social-emotional learning, spanning from Early Childhood to eighth grade, incorporates evidence-based practices in mindfulness and wellness promotion. This approach aims to fortify students' abilities to lead independent and healthy lives.

Comprehensive Support System

Our tiered approach to student support integrates proven strategies to promote wellness. From regular yoga and mindfulness classes to social-emotional blocks in the schedule and after-school programs on healthy eating, we provide a multi-faceted support system. This approach is informed by recognized best practices and evidence-based methodologies, addressing the diverse needs of our students effectively.

Parent Partnership

Recognizing the vital role parents play, our complementary parent education program incorporates strategies from evidence-based parenting approaches and aspects of healthy child development. This empowers families to navigate challenges at school, at home, and in the world. This collaborative effort strengthens the bridge between school and home, ensuring a unified and informed approach to supporting our students.

Brookwood continues to invest in enriching programs that have a lasting impact on our students.This video series, recapping the incredible moments and achievements of the school year, is a celebration of collective efforts, and it highlights the direction in which our school is headed. Join us from the couch (which will make a great deal of sense once you click 'Play'), and enjoy the first video of this special presentation. The final video in this 3-part series includes highlights around our Wellness initiatives, Skills program, as well as Athletics and physical education.