Encouraging Creativity

The primary goal of our visual arts program is to create an atmosphere in which each child feels encouraged and supported in their creative endeavors. Brookwood students are exposed to a wide variety of two and three-dimensional art forms, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, bookmaking, fabric art, mixed-media, graphic design and ceramics.

Our program is sequential in both theory and practice, starting with basic art concepts for our youngest PreK learners and culminating with a more open studio art experience for our 8th grade students.

Explore & Experiment

Formal instruction is given when a new concept or technique is introduced, yet students are also encouraged to explore and experiment with materials and individual ideas in one of our three art classroom studios, as well in our ceramics and woodworking places.

Throughout all of our grade levels, Brookwood students are introduced to the artwork of various world cultures, past and present, working collaboratively with other disciplines to make curricular connections and broaden understanding of given topics.

Art Trips & Events

Field trips to various museums and places of interest as well as working with visiting artists deepen students’ experiences. In addition to an all-school Community Art Day exhibit that takes place each April to honor and celebrate the creative efforts of our students, we treat our walls and halls as a curated gallery space on a daily basis, filling them with student creations throughout the year.